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Orofacial Wellness

Get It All Back with
Myofunctional Therapy Online.

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Function. Confidence. Sleep.

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On top of that, you’re worried about your newborn who’s getting fussier by the day and struggles to get enough milk when breastfeeding.

If everyone could just sleep!

You and your sweet family are tired. SO tired.

You can’t seem to get enough sleep at night or figure out why. 

Your baby is constantly fussy and restless, your toddler just picks at his food and only eats the same five things, and your adolescent is insecure about how her teeth look.

Then there's you. Your jaw has been giving you pain and you just toss and turn at night.

If everyone could just get some relief!

Symptoms like these — sleep disorders, picky eaters, fussing babies —
may point to an orofacial myofunctional disorder.

Orofacial myofunctional disorders can result in complications varying from allergies to sleep apnea. And they can drastically affect an individual's face shape, jaw, teeth, eyes, and airway.

Besides robbing you of sleep, these disorders can take away healthy function and wreck your confidence.

It sounds really scary, but the good news is you don’t have to live with the pain of orofacial dysfunction.

Myofunctional therapy can restore health in the orofacial muscles and give you your life back — restored function, renewed confidence, and better sleep.

What is myofunctional therapy?

Orofacial myofunctional therapy is the process of re-training the oral and facial muscles with exercises and creating new muscle memory so the oral posture and functions occur automatically.

  • The therapy focuses on nasal breathing, tongue posture, proper lip seal, and correct swallow.

  • It’s a specifically designed series of exercises for the oral muscles and tongue.

  • It’s beneficial to all ages, as long as the patients are willing to do the work!

  • And... long-term benefits are function, sleep, and confidence! Get it all back today!

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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Symptoms to Look For:

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  • Mouth breathing

  • Crowding of teeth/malocclusion


  • Snoring or sleep apnea

  • Acid reflux

  • Chewing or swallowing issues

  • Oral habit (thumb, pacifier, nail biting)

  • Speech difficulties

  • TMJ or neck/shoulder pain

  • Tongue thrust

  • Tongue-tie

  • Bed wetting

How Myofunctional Therapy Online Works


Step 1

Schedule a (complimentary) virtual assessment to ask any questions you have and determine if you could benefit from myofunctional
therapy online.

You’re unique, so I’ll evaluate you to address your needs… specifically.

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Step 2

If you’re a good candidate for orofacial myofunctional therapy online, we’ll schedule a virtual consultation and I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis to design a customized treatment plan unique to you. 

Myofunctional Symptoms
Myofunctional Therapy

Meet Your Myofunctional Therapist


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Hi! I’m Bridget.

More than anything, I’d like to keep you and your family from going through what I’ve been through.
Although I attended dental assisting and hygiene school and worked as a registered dental hygienist for six years, no one ever mentioned my tongue-tie.

You're not alone on your myofunctional journey.

As a certified myofunctional

therapist who's been

where you are,

I'll walk with you every

step of the way.

I had many of the symptoms of a tongue-tie. I was sickly and very picky as a child, always breathed through my mouth and got diagnosed with asthma at age nine. I had braces three times, my palate (roof of mouth) expanded two times, and gums grafted once. I even saw a periodontist concerning my gum recession. With all that, no one ever mentioned my tongue-tie.


The truth is one minor surgery and therapy may have been all the tongue-tie treatment I needed when I was an infant. It could have saved me and my family a lot of unnecessary stress and financial strain.


It wasn’t until I sought “holistic braces” for my kids that I learned I was tongue-tied. One visit with a hygienist who’s also a myofunctional therapist, and my life changed.

Since having my tongue-tie released...

  • My tongue no longer gets caught on my teeth.

  • I don't stumble with my words like I used to.

  • My neck/shoulder pain has gone away.

  • The wrinkles around my mouth have been reduced (though they may never totally fade!).

Now, I’m on a mission to spare others all the expense, trauma, and frustration. After all, "When you know better, you do better." As a myofunctional therapist, I hope to do this kind of good for others.


Meet Bridget
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